Documentarian originally from Deep East Oakland, California. Based wherever my People are.



*222Movement* - My Overall Mission is to bring back the trust, communication and most importantly unconditional love that is lacking within Melanated Communities all over the world. 
"222forgottencities" I’ve made it my business to go and document all the places around the world where melanated people live that the media talks down on. I not only document the story beauty and emotions they don’t show, but I make sure I get to the root of WHY so much destruction is happening. I feel this is a way to create a new version of history. Each picture I capture is a piece of history that I am giving back to my people. It’s a reminder that no matter how much PAIN and STRUGGLE we go through, we will find ways to shine and rise above it. I document to bring awareness towards my people living in these areas by showing we all share the same struggle and love.
- brittsense